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7 Lying Lies About Aging for Women


Eileen Kilroy

We Are Beauty Unchained

Invisible? Not exactly.

We are modern women. 

When we speak, we expect to be heard. 

When we ask questions, we listen to the answers.

We hold power.

We enjoy what we’ve earned and share what we have -

thereby making miracles.

We find wonder in small things and seek to know more. 

When our soul speaks, we act on its promptings.

We are Women of a Certain Age and we are a force.  

Street art image of a cat head on a woman's body

Small Wonders


on your skin


on your tongue


in the morning


where there was none

Meditate on this: 

What's love got to do with it? 

We're hardwired for love, says healer and spiritual guide MaRiza Noyama-Zee. So why is that love can be so hard? 

Find out in her beautiful piece. 

Heart Outline

Let MaRiza guide you through a meditation on love. It's right there in you, waiting to be tapped, felt, enjoyed, and freed up to work wonders in the world. 

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