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Born of Impatience

There are many places to get weight loss tips. Certain Age is not one of them. 

     What you will find is wisdom, perspective, truth-telling, humor, opinion – lots of that – all with the discernment that comes from having lived.

     We have known challenges, triumphs, inconsolable loss and profound reverence. Sometimes we’ve been successful, other times we’ve gone down in flames, but we come back for more. Because we can, because we want to, because we have cast off our useless insecurities – nonsense drilled into our heads so that we would never discover how powerful we are. 

     Newsflash: We know our power and we use it to change the world. 

If that sounds like you, welcome to Certain Age. 


Get in Here.

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Share your essays, photos, artwork and help us all make sense of this glorious life.
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A Certain Someone

Jean Shields Fleming

Founder & Editor

Hi! I'm Jean. Glad you're here. 


Before starting Certain Age, I held top editorial positions with two magazines, served as content director for’s parenting site and as executive director of digital experience for them. I also led communications and digital strategy for a large nonprofit organization. 


At 57, depleted by my “power through” life, I moved to Greece to be a digital nomad, pursuing my own projects, including wildlife conservation, writing, and swimming as often as possible. I live in the Peloponnese with my husband and the feral cats who graciously allow us to feed them. 

I am the author of Air Burial, a novel, and you can read some of my nonfiction here. I really love street art, wildflowers, chocolate, and goats. Athens is my favorite city by far. 


Learn more at

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