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Contributor Guidelines

Certain Age is looking for gorgeous essays, poetry, art, photography and video work from creative people "of a certain age" and a lot of attitude. Sound like you? 

What We Publish


We're interested in works that explore big ideas, small wonders, topical issues, cultural happenings, and profiles of fascinating people. Looking for a strong voice and an uncompromising commitment to factual accuracy. Please take a look at the articles we have published to get a feel for the tone and length. 


We are drawn to poems that illuminate the human by offering fresh ways to see, feel, know, and alchemize experience to insight. All types of poetry will be considered, including formal and experimental verse, up to two pages in length.


Photographs, Illustrations, Video

We are eager to showcase the work of photographers, illustrators, designers, and videographers. 


Certain Age does not accept:

  • Work that has been previously curated (published in books, magazines or journals, in print or online). Writing may be self-published on social media, blogs, or message boards. (Learn more in “Uncurated: The Case for a New Term of Art.”)

  • Work that has been generated by artificial intelligence. 

  • Fiction. Please don't send us this because we hate to say no.

Certain Age: A place where women tell the truth about their lives. 

How to Submit
Nonfiction & Art, Photography, Video
  • Send submissions to

  • Include the genre of your submission in the subject line (i.e., Nonfiction Submission or Photographs Submission, etc.). 

  • Add a brief introduction to the work in the body of the email, why you see it as a fit for Certain Age, and any background on yourself (prior pubs, cat names, etc.).

  • Submit as an attached document (.doc or .docx), and please no PDFs or Google docs.


Certain Age publishes two poets monthly. Please follow these guidelines for submission.

  • Email up to five poems or five pages of poetry to

    • Please make sure each new poem starts at the top of a new page.

  • In your email subject line, write: [YOUR LAST NAME] [YOUR FIRST NAME] Poetry Submission.

  • Submit all poems together in one DOC or DOCX file. 

    • Name your document: [YOUR LAST NAME] [YOUR FIRST NAME] Poetry Submission.

    • Do not submit PDF files or links to google docs. 

    • Do not paste poems into the body of the email. 

  • On the first page of your document, include a cover letter with:

    • What inspired you to submit to Certain Age.

    • A short bio (under 50 words).

    • Your contact information: name, mailing address, phone number, and email.

    • Social links, if you use them and would like us to tag you, including: Facebook, Instagram, X, and LinkedIn.

    • Up to three links to previous publications, if available. 

For all submissions include:
  • Name, mailing address, phone number, and email address.

  • Up to three links to previous publications, if available.

Rights, Rules & Compensation

Simultaneous submissions are expected and welcome. But please alert us if the piece your submitting gets accepted elsewhere. 

We pay $75 or equivalent in local currency upon publication.


Certain Age Magazine asks for first-time rights and acknowledgement as the first place of publication. Because published pieces will appear and be archived on the website and may be promoted through our social media outlets, we also require non-exclusive electronic rights. 


Response Time

We are committed to fast turnaround on all queries and submissions. 


Thank you for your interest.

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