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Lost & Found in Paris with Colleen Dupont


Jean Shields Fleming

We Are Beauty Unchained

Invisible? Not exactly.

We are modern women. 

When we speak, we expect to be heard. 

When we ask questions, we listen to the answers.

We hold power.

We enjoy what we’ve earned and share what we have -

thereby making miracles.

We find wonder in small things and seek to know more. 

When our soul speaks, we act on its promptings.

We are Women of a Certain Age and we are a force.  

Street art image of a cat head on a woman's body
Unleashing the Power of Self-Awareness

Audrey Hepburn famously said "Paris is always a good idea," and I agree with her. I've been lucky enough to go many times over the past two decades, and the city never fails to inspire me with its beauty, sophistication, inventiveness and sheer joie de vivre. 

So it was especially fun, on my most recent trip, to meet a fellow Paris lover - one who is probably well known to anyone who has planned a trip there in the last two years. 

Colleen Dupont is one half of the YouTube phenomenon known as Les Frenchies, and while we wandered together and enjoyed lunch, she shared her story - how the move to France was way harder than she'd expected, and how she navigated that challenging time to arrive, now, as an unlikely YouTube star.  

I think you'll enjoy reading her story and hearing her insights - and spoiler alert, she has a women's retreat in the works. Now that sounds fun!

Allez! On-y-Va! 

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