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We Are Beauty Unchained

Invisible? Not exactly.

We are modern women. 

When we speak, we expect to be heard. 

When we ask questions, we listen to the answers.

We hold power.

We enjoy what we’ve earned and share what we have -

thereby making miracles.

We find wonder in small things and seek to know more. 

When our soul speaks, we act on its promptings.

We are Women of a Certain Age and we are a force.  

Street art image of a cat head on a woman's body

Dapper Cat image by Dee Dee (@deedeewashere)

Our Latest 


Folding My Mother In


Summer Lewis

Editor's Note
Friends for Life

Life gives you friends. It’s one of the best things, isn’t it? Someone who gets your humor, your quirky takes on things. I’ve been incredibly blessed in friendship. I still count among my closest friends women I’ve known for 50 years. There’s not a chapter of my life they weren’t there for, and when we get together it’s that magical feeling of no time. It might be months or years, but no time has passed. 

The Celtic tradition has a term I love – anam cara. Soul friend. I believe in this, completely. I tend to think that we travel this life in a bouquet of souls. The family we’re born into forms one part of the bouquet. Our childhood companions, and then there’s the friends we meet along the way.

     One of those for me is Sally Dudgeon, the subject of our latest profile

     I met Sally last year in Bodhgaya, India, where I was volunteering at the Root Institute, a center for Buddhist studies located just 20 minutes walk from where Siddhartha Gautama sat beneath a tree and didn’t get up again until he was enlightened. Sally immediately made me feel welcome and appreciated, and I immediately felt like she was a friend I’d known my whole life that I’d finally had the good fortune to meet. 

     I took the photo, above, on the street outside the temple that commemorates the moment of enlightenment, because that's life, isn't it - the hurdy-gurdy happening just outsides the gates of wisdom. 

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