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Inspiration from 14 Must-Follow Social Media Accounts

You're the boss. Train the algorithm to inspire you.

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I don’t know about you, but from time to time my online feed goes to hell. Instead of getting inspiration from social media, it feels like a slog between source-less “information,” lame memes, and just more of the same. Luckily, we can train the algorithms to give us more of what we want, simply by showing them what we like.

With that in mind, I set out to revamp my feed. I wanted it to inspire my creativity, nourish my soul, and show me beauty in its many guises. In this highly personal curation of 14 accounts on Instagram, Substack - and one podcast - I'm sharing what I used to upgrade my online experience. I avoided celebrities or the bigger, well known accounts (though many are wonderful). My hope is to surface some hidden gems that will inspire you, too!


Pencils as a tool of creativity

Creativity & Writing Inspiration from Social Media

Where I go when I need to refill my creative bucket.

- The Creativity Café Podcast, hosted by Paige Baldwin Ando and Jordana Matsuda.

If you’ve every wondered how artists make art, then this podcast is for you. Paige and Jordana discuss creativity, intuition, and dive into the creative process with a wide range of mostly women artists. Bonus: Paige also hosts co-creation work sessions and intuitive collage making gatherings, so a whole host of ways to boost your creative mojo.

- Read.Write.Eat. – Natalie Serber’s newsletter always brightens my day. She is a delightful writer herself, and her newsletter manages to be chatty and fun, while also delivering some heft. The mix is always a little different, but usually includes observations from Natalie, recommended books, occasional writing prompts, and a recipe or two.

- Creative Mornings – When I lived in Brooklyn and Portland, I attended their in-person meet-ups. But now I enjoy their monthly themes and weekly virtual field trips. There is always something stimulating and inspiring to discover. They also are a good source of jobs in the creative fields.


A prayer flag blows in the wind

Spirituality, Religion, & My Go-To Woo-Woo Stuff

I’m an omnivore when it comes to spirituality, so this is a tiny sample of what’s in my feed that feeds my soul.

- Xavier Dagba is straight up wise. He has a way of unpacking the layers under issues such as self-sabotage, what’s lurking in the shadows, and how to shine your light in a world that often seems not to want it.

- Ayesha Ophelia calls herself a spiritual provocateur and that seems apt. With equal parts humor and insight, her Instagram account always always makes me think, feel and hope. And laugh.

- Felicia Murrell writes so beautifully about spirituality and love. I come away from any of her posts refreshed and renewed.

- Life is a Sacred Text by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg – I subscribed to Rabbi Danya’s Substack when she was writing contemporary commentaries on Old Testament texts. Granted, that may not be to everyone’s taste. But her training as a rabbi combined with her clear-eyed sensibility brought the texts to life with humor and insight.

- The Corners by Nadia Bolz-Weber – Nadia Bolz-Weber is not your father’s Lutheran pastor. She is irreverent, heavily tattooed and utterly honest about her struggles, past and present. As she demonstrates in her Substack, she’s funny and insightful, and though her lens is Christianity, her wisdom is universal.

- Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche – I have a lot of Buddhist material in my feed, but I’m sharing this one because Mingyur Rinpoche does an amazing job explaining Tibetan Buddhism in simple, approachable terms. I especially like his Reels, where he goes into his personal struggles with anxiety and panic attacks – not exactly what you expect to hear from a monk, but very heartfelt and honest.


The sculpture of a female head with red overlay

Pretty People, Places & Things

Here are a few accounts that give my eyes a happy treat.

- Borntowearit – I’m biased toward Danielle Korneiliussen’s Insta account since she and I grew up on the same street. But even if I didn’t know her, I’d love watching her share her life as a yoga instructor, model, display designer, and all around happy soul living in Norway.

- Robin Vincent Photography – As long as we’re talking hometown heroes, let’s make it a sister act. Robin Vincent is Danielle’s sister, but more importantly, her evocative photos tell stories in an instant. Incredible work.

- Timothy Whealon – If all he did was show photos of his gorgeous Gramercy Park apartment (how I love his patio!) and his adorable dog, that would be enough. But the bonus is seeing his different interior design projects. Another world, and a beautiful one.

- Staged To Sell Home – Speaking of other worlds, when I need a high end dose of glamor, I take a look at this feed from house stager extraordinaire Jason Saft. He helps realtors get top dollar for New York City townhouses and glitzy apartments, with plenty of before and after shots. Spectacular, with prices to match. A girl can dream.

- Maison Auclert – Marc Auclert is a Parisian jeweler who mixes old and new in arresting ways. He takes treasures from antiquity and places them in contemporary settings. The results are exquisite.

Your turn! What lights up your feed? Drop a link in the comments below. Together we can inspire each other with the many hidden treasures online.


Jean Shields Fleming is founder and editor of Certain Age Magazine.

Photos: Wix Media Studio

Prayer flag photo: Jean Shields Fleming

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